The TaggedPDF Difference

As accessibility experts we are often asked three key questions:

Unless you’ve used a screen reader to access a PDF or the internet, you won’t understand the importance of tagging.

To answer these key questions and to help you see the difference between a tagged and untagged PDF, we’ve put together a short video to demonstrate the story each file tells.



This is just one page of an 88 page document we regularly prepare for Brisbane City Council. You can imagine how time consuming and confusing it would be for the reader if they attempted to read the entire document through JAWS with an untagged PDF.

The tags provide a clear order and structure for all content while putting context behind imagery for the vision impaired, thus playing an integral part in website accessibility.

Our aim is to make the web be more accessible one PDF at a time, and we do this by ensuring the PDF file you upload complies to WCAG 2.0 requirements.

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