terms and conditions

Commencement of Work

The specifications, costings and timelines in the attached Quote constitute the Work. The Work will commence upon receipt of the Acceptance signed and dated by the client and payment of any deposit if required. 


TaggedPDF.com.au will perform the Work for the client in accordance with the specifications, costings and timelines in the attached Quote in return for full payment of the invoiced price.

TaggedPDF.com.au will perform the Work and the client will provide all information, comments, suggest changes and approvals within the timelines described in the attached Quote.

Control of the Work

TaggedPDF.com.au retains control of the Work until full payment of the invoiced amount. TaggedPDF.com.au will give the Client reasonable access to the Work for the purposes of comments and approval.


The client agrees to pay COD.

Additional Work

If the client requires variations, additions or other substantial changes to the Work (“the Additional Work”) and these are communicated to TaggedPDF.com.au and confirmed in writing, then TaggedPDF.com.au will provide a Quote for the cost of the Additional Work (“the Additional Quote”) with an Acceptance.

If the Acceptance of the Additional Quote is signed, dated and delivered to TaggedPDF.com.au and the balance of the original invoiced price has been paid then TaggedPDF.com.au will perform the Additional Work in accordance with these Terms of Contract. The Client will pay the amount invoiced in the Additional Quote upon completion of the Additional Work within 14 Days.

Late Payment

The client will pay interest of ten percent (10%) per month calculated daily on all or any amounts not paid in accordance with these Terms of Contract.

In addition, the client will pay any or all costs including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis and other charges or expenses incurred by TaggedPDF.com.au to other parties or otherwise in collecting any payments from the client not paid in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

The client requires the Work and any Additional Work for business or investment purposes and acknowledges that the Consumer Credit Code does not apply to this contract.


TaggedPDF.com.au does not offer any guarantee of supply of its Goods or Services nor does it accept any responsibility for delays caused by fire, strike, lockout, dispute with workmen, delays caused by suppliers or others, flood, accident, transportation delays, fuel shortage, inability to obtain material, war, demand or requirement of Government or statutory authorities or any other cause beyond its control. In the event of any such delay, the order time may be amended by TaggedPDF.com.au to take account of the period of time lost by reason of the delay.


The client is responsible for the accuracy and legality of any information or material it provides to TaggedPDF.com.au for the Work or the Additional Work and for its right to use such information or material and warrants to TaggedPDF.com.au that such information or material is accurate and is not used in breach of any statute or right in any other person or party.

The client will keep TaggedPDF.com.au indemnified for any costs, damages or liability including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis that might arise out of the Work or the Additional Work for defamation, misleading or deceptive conduct, misrepresentation, breach of contract, breach of trust, breach of duty, negligence, passing off, breach of copyright, or otherwise at common law or under statute either under the civil or criminal law. TaggedPDF.com.au accepts no liability for any such information or material or otherwise for the content of the Work or the Additional Work.

Whole Agreement

This document, the Quote, the Acceptance and any Additional Quote or Acceptance represent the whole of the agreement between the client and TaggedPDF.com.au and no other representations or statements made be either party, unless in writing and signed by both, shall form part of this contract.

Electronic Communications

Any writing required under this contract including but not confined to the Quote, the Acceptance, any Additional Quotes or Acceptances, can be communicated by facsimile or email as well as in person or by post.