It’s all about accessibility and inclusion

Every business should define their target audience, but it is worth considering that your target audience could (and likely does) include a portion of the community who requires accessible content.

From content that can be read out by a screen reader to content that’s easier to read on a smartphone in the sun, accessibility of content impacts all of us.

If you have something to say, we think it should reach as many people as possible. That’s why our experienced team offer a complete range of solutions to ensure that every word can be seen or heard by your audience.

Our Services

If it’s accessible, inclusive and/or involves documents, we can help out! See our brief list of services below or visit the individual services for a full breakdown.


General Advice

Our team genuinely cares about the accessibility of your documents. So much so that they will gladly answer questions about accessible design, production and compliance to those who ask for it. Our knowledge is here to be shared.

Some advice does come with a quote. Some advice comes free. But advice always comes to those who for it ask. Visit our blog page to keep up to date with the latest pieces of public knowledge.

PDF Tagging

With a name like Tagged PDF, you’d better believe we tag our fair share of PDFs. Whether your document is 1, 100 or 100,000 pages (and feel free to test us with higher), our expert team of ProTaggers will make it WCAG 2.0 AA compliant.

Need your document to be PDF/UA? Just ask!

Have a form that needs to work for everyone? That’s what we are here for!

Want your information to be read out in a certain way? Give us the brief and we will give you the result!

Word Remediation

Word documents do not have actual ‘tags’ in the way PDF documents do. They do have a number of built-in tools and capacity to produce highly accessible documents. From alternate text and styling through to table structure and internal links, we make sure your documents are accessible to all and could even look better in the process!

Microsoft Office Remediation

Sometimes you just need to provide information in it’s original form, but just don’t quite know how to set it up. From Excel to Powerpoint, we have the skills and knowledge to get the most out of your existing format, and show you how to build these documents for accessibility in the future.

Free Basic Document Accessibility Check

‘How do I know if my document is accessible?’ Send it to Tagged PDF for free and find out within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

Accessible Templates

We understand that you are producing a high volume of documents and don’t want to pay for someone to re-make them every time. We set up corporate templates in Microsoft Office suites to give you the best chance of creating accessible, inclusive documents from the beginning.

We even offer to check over documents once you have created them through the template to ensure everything is still accessible.

Accessible Design Training

‘Give an agency an accessible design and they will be accessible for this job. Teach an agency how to design for accessibility and watch their billables increase.’

…we are sure that’s how the proverb goes, isn’t it?

Our designer training is tailored to the types of documents you produce, and how to work within your brand guidelines to ensure that all communication is as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Creating Accessible Documents Training

The comprehensive ‘how-to’ training course for those looking to create their own basic accessible documents using Microsoft Word and PDF formats. Run in conjunction with Vision Australia, this course combines our document expertise with Vision Australia’s user expertise to cover the basics of accessibility.

WCAG 2.0 AA Document Compliance Audits

We also provide in-depth WCAG 2.0 compliance audits alongside Vision Australia, including comprehensive guidance on anything that does not meet the guidelines and how to correct it.

Document Design

Need a document created that is compliant without compromising on design? Then look no further. Tagged PDF retains designers who specialise in accessible, beautiful design.

Whether you need an existing document altered or want something made from scratch and right the first time, Tagged PDF has you covered.

Find out more

Check out the individual services pages for more information about everything we offer, or simply contact us to find out more.