Is my document accessible? You’ll know by tomorrow!

We see lots of documents. We would like to see more. This is where you come in.

Free Accessibility Checks from Tagged PDF

Do you have a document that you think is accessible, but you’re not quite sure?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an automated tool that just told you?

Unfortunately there isn’t. But we are offering the next best thing.

The ProTaggers at Tagged PDF are now offering free accessibility checks. A simple yes or no for whether your document is:

Most smaller documents will be returned within 24 hours, while larger documents may take longer. The longer it takes, the more likely it is that your document is accessible.

What’s the catch?

Nothing in life is free, right? Well, you’re partially correct.

When you send your document through, we will tell you if it’s accessible or not. If it’s not, we will quote to fix it. If it is, we will congratulate you and find out who created the document.

We do offer full accessibility audits in conjunction with Vision Australia’s renowned Digital Access team, which are comprehensive and run through processes to remediate the issues in your own documents. However these audits are not free, as they can take considerable time to get done correctly.

As long as you don’t mind finding out that something isn’t right (for free), then you have nothing to lose!

Why free?

We want the world to be more accessible. You want your documents to be accessible and inclusive of everyone. Our team can tell quite quickly if a document is accessible, and can share this knowledge with more people if there isn’t a price barrier.

So… why not send a document in?

We would have loved for this to be available before we started, which is part of the reason we started Tagged PDF in the first place! The more documents we see, the better we get, the better we can serve you.

Head to the free accessibility check page for more information, or contact us today with your documents and by tomorrow you’ll know a little more about accessibility!

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