Accessible Design doesn’t need to be boring!

We work with a lot of designers who tell us regularly that any accessible document production automatically takes away their ability to be creative. That is not the case, and something that TaggedPDF have taken on board with their accessible design training sessions.

Often when we receive a document to tag, we have to go back to the designer and discuss what needs to change in order for the document to be fully accessible rather than just tagged. This process adds time to the design process and never looks good from a design client perspective when something they have signed off needs to change.

TaggedPDF have identified several specific design components that, if considered from the beginning of the creation process, can ensure that documents are as accessible as possible, and the information is available to all.

“Colour is without a doubt one of the biggest areas of confusion, and there is a common misconception that using corporate colours could make the production of an accessible document impossible,” TaggedPDF’s General Manager Alex Bey said.

Alongside the existing accessibility training offered through Vision Australia, the TaggedPDF course can be a valuable tool for designers and content creators to improve the accessibility of their production before the tagging process is undertaken.

Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the client, with online and in-person training sessions available for group of 2-200 people. Each session is offered with a subsequent follow-up session held digitally to refresh skills and ask subsequent questions after putting the advice into practice.


We are passionate about ensuring everyone can access the information they want and ensuring that information worth knowing is easily available. We want to help educate content creators so documents are designed for accessibility, making the tagging process easier and the content more easily understood by everyone.

To find out more information about the Vision Australia document accessibility training or the TaggedPDF Accessible Design training, visit their linked websites.

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