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We are team of dedicated ProTaggers specialising in WCAG 2.0 AA compliance for Government, Agencies and Councils.

Our services include:

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Vision Australia’s Partnership

We’ve partnered with Vision Australia’s renowned Digital Access consultancy as their exclusive document remediation provider. We also deliver their highly informative Creating Accessible Documents training courses for the public.

With expert knowledge of accessibility and inclusive design across a range of disability groups, together we are setting the standard for document accessibility.


We create accessible PDFs for


How we work with you in 7 simple steps

We’ve kept the cost low with a simple process including automated file management and progress notifications.
  1. Prepare your web-ready PDF files and Alt text doc. If you’re are not sure how to write your Alt text, download our guides: Alt text template, Writing guide.
  2. Upload your PDF and Alt text docs using our secure and encrypted system.
  3. Approve your quote
  4. Our ProTaggers get to work, please allow 2–3 days. (Documents over 50 pages may take longer).
  5. Our QA Team check for functionality errors including using screen readers such as JAWS.
  6. You download your completed and verified PDF via secure email link.

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If you have any questions we would love to answer them for you! Please email or call us on 1300 255 733.

Accessible insights.
The TaggedPDF Blog

Our Accessibility Blog of insights and observations straight from the desks of our ProTaggers.

Because we live and breathe accessibility, we like to talk about it whenever we can.

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