When does accessible really mean accessibility

When does accessible really mean accessibility

Since the introduction of the internet, the world has become smaller and the amount of information available has grown exponentially.

But what good is the information if you can’t access it?

If you have a visual disability or vision impairment, you might have a wealth of information ready to view and download but if it’s not compatible with a screen reader, the information is pointless.

This is where tagged PDFs come into play. They are designed for use with screen reading tools to ensure the information you create can be read and understood by anyone. This means, if you were to consider your website as a central online hub of information, you should have all your documents tagged to the highest possible level.

We recently read some news from an automotive leader who have developed their website as an information and resource hub for SME’s who lease their cars. The information is extremely useful and addresses three main areas including legal compliance, safety and risk management and business optimisation.

They truly are living up to their reputation as leaders by offering the information, but at a deeper level, the content is flawed – much of this content fails the basic online accessibility tools.

So while anyone can access it, those with a vision impairment cannot take in the information, leaving them in the dark about your products, services and advice.

In today’s digital age it is no longer ok to just create a website and include content. Business owners need to consider the accessibility of attachments such as Word and PDF files.

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