The Screen Reader End User

The Screen Reader End User

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This video discusses the importance of Tagged PDF’s, with a perspective directly from people with low vision. This need for greater accessibility and freedom is what drives us here at Tagged PDF to keep on tagging more and more documents and also to spread the word about the importance of tagging documents on websites.

These honest comments all have the same theme – to provide an equal opportunity for everyone to be able to access information. Vision impaired people want the same opportunities sighted people want, and that is to be able to access information to be able to make the best decisions.

Some of the current frustrations are screen readers not always being able to access the PDF documents, or more frustratingly if the PDF has not been formatted (tagged) in a way that makes the content understood. The video sums this up perfectly with a blank screen and audio of the screen reader failing to recognise information.

Vision impaired don’t want to have to rely on sighted people to access the information, it denies them the privacy that they deserve. An important point they raise is that all companies have an obligation to make their content available to everyone in the community, not just sighted people.

We have to stop vision impaired feeling like they are not catered for and make them feel included all of the time.

Help us make the world more accessible. Get your documents tagged.

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