The dress that everyone saw differently

The dress that everyone saw differently

a dress with colours that different people see in different waysYou’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t have an opinion of, or at least know about, this dress.

What started with a simple question, “What colour is this dress?” led to the people of the Internet losing their collective minds, starting fights, breeding confusion and great speculation as to what was really going on behind that photo.

Some say it could be the lighting when this photo was captured while others took to science for an answer; explained that the person’s age might have a difference on how we perceive its colour.

Some, like me, say it’s White and Gold, but others see it as Black and Blue. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? It turns out I am because the real colour is revealed once you actually see the dress. For those of you who chose Blue and Black, 10 points to you.

What people have failed to notice in the past week is that they have just experienced the Internet in a similar way to those who have a visual disability. In this instance, people with visual disabilities may see this dress differently again or not at all. They may require the use of a screen reader to dictate the content on the screen so they too can digest media.

That’s why TaggedPDF is on a mission to ensure everyone has the same opportunity in accessing online content and documents. We are dedicated to change the Internet one PDF at a time.

Documents such as PDF files are not natively accessible with assistive tools, unless made that way by its author or creator, and only if they have done it correctly.

Our ProTaggers take the time required to ensure your tagging is completed with maximum accessibility. To find out how you can get your PDF read in more places, contact us today.

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