Guides to help you prepare your tagging project

While we try our best to make the accessibility process as simple as possible, there's no getting around the fact that some work is still required at your end. We are constantly working on new material to help content creators get it right the first time around.

Watch this space for more reference guides and additional collateral being created - or feel free to contact us with suggestions for material that you would find useful.

Download Quick Reference Guide - Graphic Designer

Download Quick Reference Guide - Copywriters

Alternate text creation

Each tagging project consists of two components, your PDF files that require the actual tagging, and the Alternative text for each non-text element that appears within the PDF files.

For simple content we can just create this. However for anything more complicated that requires interpretation - we will need to send anything we create back to you for approval before we proceed. This does sometimes push back delivery times and make things less cost effective.

Watch this space for an alternate text create guide.

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