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We believe accessibility is everyone’s business, so we made it our business.

Who we are

TaggedPDF is Australia’s first 100% dedicated document accessibility service. Accessibility is all we do, and we believe we do it very well.

We understand that there is a real need, and expectation that the world’s documents should be accessible to everyone, beyond being compliant or conforming to regulation.

With that in mind we encourage all businesses, institutions, associations and clubs to embrace accessibility and the tagging of your PDF resources.

For Government and Councils, ensuring your PDFs are tagged for accessibility and conform to WCAG 2.0 AA compliance is now mandatory as of Dec, 2014.

our services

Vision Australia. Blindness. Low Vision. Opportunity.

Vision Australia Partnership

We’ve partnered with Vision Australia’s renowned Digital Access consultancy as their exclusive PDF and MS Word remediation provider. Digital Access is a global leader in accessibility consulting, testing and training.

With expert knowledge of accessibility and inclusive design across a range of disability groups, they help organisations make their digital assets, such as websites, mobile apps and digital kiosks, accessible to everyone. Together, we are setting the standard for document accessibility.

Our mission is to make the web more accessible, one document at a time.



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Accessibility Assistance

Beyond just tagging, there are a number of things that graphic designers and copywriters can do to ensure their content is more accessible.

TaggedPDF proudly offer tailored training sessions for agencies and individuals on how to create content that is easy to read, easy to understand, and ensures that what you have to say can be heard by as many people as possible.

We take existing examples of your work to show what you are currently doing well, where you could make your content more accessible, and how to simplify the work needed to get your documents up to standard.

Contact us today to enquire about how these sessions could benefit your content creation, or keep an eye out for news about our roadshows.

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on being able to build meaningful and beneficial relationships with the organisations we work with.

Here is a quick snapshot of Tagged PDF valued clients, but we are always looking to help more organisations…