5 tips for more accessible Annual Reports

5 tips for more accessible Annual Reports

Save time and money by doing it right from the beginning

As Annual Report season moves closer, many organisations begin planning for what is one of their larger and more important documents each year. But, how many are looking at their accessibility as part of the preparation process?

Too often, the ‘accessible’ version of an Annual Report is not considered in the original budget. It just gets relegated to a simple word document with no design budget.

Let’s face it, the content in the Annual Report has no reason not to be accessible. This is important information that you want people to know, so why not have one document that shares your message beautifully with everyone?

Here are 5 simple things to consider when preparing your accessible Annual Report:

1. One report to reach them all

Having an accessibly designed and fully remediated Annual Report means that you only need to produce one document. The same document can be printed, published or distributed to your entire target audience without fear that your message won’t be heard.

2. Budget

Money makes the world go ’round. More to the point, production stops once there is no longer a budget for it. Make sure to get an indicative quote early to ensure remediation is included in the costs of producing your accessible report, and ensure that designers quote for and consider accessibility before presenting their ideas and costs.

3. Simplify your content

While it is impressive to fit as many stats together into one table as possible, it doesn’t mean anything if nobody can understand it. Making sure that the content for your report is written in a way that everyone (no matter their ability level) can understand it wherever possible helps to be inclusive and make your message clearer for all.

4. Show them, then tell them what you showed them

Make sure that important information is given in words as well as graphical elements. Everyone likes a good pie chart, but make sure that everyone can understand just how significant those slices are by including the numbers and descriptions within the body of the report.

5. Differentiate

There are only so many corporate colour combinations, so it’s understandable that organisations may rely on shades to display different information. Remember that adding patterns, textures and/or labels can create a much clearer point of difference not only within your document, but as a way of setting your organisation apart from all of the other *insert colour here* groups.

We are here to help

The team at Tagged PDF believe that every Annual Report has a unique story to tell. We want to help you tell your story in the best way possible. We have accessible design facilities in-house for a one-stop accessible report or can offer remediation and training services for those looking to do the design themselves.

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